Are you a diabetic individual? If yes, are you wondering if it is safe to make love if you are affected with this disorder? Well, there are a few lovemaking tips people with diabetes can follow.

Many a times, people with disorders find that their daily activities are hampered to a great extent, including pleasurable activities like playing a sport and even sexual intercourse! Yes, diseases, even if they are minor ones, can weaken a person both physically and mentally, coming in the way of enjoyable sexual intercourse. Also, certain symptoms of diseases like body pain, fatigue, lack of blood flow to the private parts, etc., can also stop a person from having sexual intercourse. As we all know, diabetes is a metabolic disorder that is caused when the body does not produce enough insulin, inducing a number of undesirable symptoms. Some of the common symptoms of diabetes include increased thirst, frequent urination, hunger, fatigue, yeast infection, slow healing of wounds, etc. So, if you are someone with diabetes and are wondering if it is safe to have sexual intercourse, then here are a few tips that you must follow.

Tips #1 Diabetes lovemaking tips include checking your blood sugar level before and after sex, as intercourse can sometimes lower the blood sugar level.
Tips #2 Both alcohol and intense lovemaking can lower blood sugar levels, so avoid mixing the two activities if you are a diabetic individual.
Tips #3 Diabetes lovemaking tips include improvising your foreplay for heightened sensations, as you may be experiencing loss of sensitivity due to weakened nerves if you are a diabetes patient.
Tips #4 Ensure that you use lubricative gels while engaging in sexual intercourse, as diabetes may cause dryness in the vagina.
Tips #5 Experts claim that exercising on a daily basis can increase the libido in diabetic men and women, so it is ideal to opt for mild exercises to keep yourself fit.
Tips #6 Sexually transmitted infections can be common if you are diabetic due to lowered immunity, so get regular tests done to avoid this.
Tips #7 If you are experiencing impotency, try natural treatments, as medications may interfere with your blood sugar levels further and can cause side effects.
Tips #8 Consume natural ingredients like greens and fruit that can improve your blood flow if you are experiencing erectile dysfunction.
Tips #9 Diabetes lovemaking tips include getting yourself treated immediately if you have yeast infection, which is a common symptom.
Tips #10 Try not to be embarrassed to talk to your doctor about your diabetes-related sexual problems.
Tips #11 You can ask your doctor to switch-up your medications if your libido problems seem to increase.
Tips #12 Lastly, you can always enjoy intimate moments with your partner without actual penetration, if you are experiencing impotency issues.