It’s almost the end of school year here in South Australia. As a lot of planning will be undertaken in the upcoming weeks, now is a good time to get in touch with the preschool and school staff.

To support young people with type 1 diabetes, your preschool or school needs to have:
– documentation (policies and plans) in place,
– up-to-date management plan written by the diabetes team and the young persons family,
– professional development opportunities for staff to learn more about type 1 diabetes,
– an understanding of funding opportunities for extra staff support (particularly for preschool aged children),
– a good working relationship with the young person, their family and their diabetes team.

The NDSS has created a new resource to help teachers and families support children with type 1 diabetes at school and preschool, helping children to learn, grow and have fun. Inside you will find information about looking after young people with type 1 diabetes in preschool and school, building strong communications between families and schools, and the responsibilities of teachers and other school staff.