SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 UTAH) – A new study says gastric bypass surgery is better for type two diabetics than eating healthy and exercising. It’s a bold statement made in the Journal of the American Medical Association – Surgery. It could affect the 142,000 diabetic Utahns. Seven percent of Utah’s population spends time checking blood sugar levels. A growing number of Utahns have been diagnosed as diabetic according to the Utah Health Department.

“I have diabetes so it is very expensive and just my medical care is very expensive,” said diabetic patient Suzanne Rives -Valle. Suzanne Rives -Valle is diabetic, but not obese. A new study released in JAMA, says gastric bypass surgery helps obese diabetics go into remission. It happens much sooner and much more effectively than diet and exercise alone.

“Diabetes is a major risk factor also for the development of heart disease, other vascular diseases and kidney disease,” said one doctor. That’s why it’s crucial to find ways to get rid of type two diabetes so people can live longer, healthier lives. The new study mirrors a study done two years ago at the live well center in Salt Lake City.

Jody Stubler looked like this before her gastric bypass. After it, she was 120 pounds lighter. “Losing this weight has helped me to gain tremendous confidence in myself and my own abilities,” said gastric bypass surgery patient Jody Stubler. Her diabetes is in remission.

Doctors at Intermountain Medical Center also spent time researching 900 diabetics and ways to treat them. Here’s the key, according to the study, you can’t get away from diet and exercise. After the gastric bypass surgery, if a patient eats better and workout more to keep the weight off, that’s when their chances of seeing diabetes go into remission increases. It’s what’s done after surgery that really counts.